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Stimulating evidence-based reasoning

Recent Books on China

It is one of CDA’s goals to introduce analysis and literature based on original Chinese data from leading Chinese and European scholars into the discourse in Europe and the West. With this approach we continue a tradition of bridge building and mutual learning between China and Europe (the West) – Orient and Occident - which was amongst others initiated by the two scholars Matteo Ricci (Li Madou) and Xu Guangqui some 400 years ago.

Monument Matteo Ricci Xu Guangqi.png

The monument of Matteo Ricci (Li Madou) and Xu Guangqi in Shanghai

Introduction of the book, Xielin LIU et al “Catch-Up and Radical Innovation in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises” (Edward Elgar, 2021) by the author Prof. Liu Xielin (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Beijing on 9 September 2022


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