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Ex Sapientia Lux

About CDA

In a time of a quite often irrational public discourse in Western countries - especially when it comes to the relationship with China - CDA's approach is evidence-based, non-Eurocentric and curiosity-driven. Following our motto "Ex Sapientia Lux" CDA acts as an independent, non-partisan think tank providing analyses on China in a systemic and systematic manner. We focus on developments in economy and business, research, technology and innovation as well as culture and governance with an interdisciplinary approach.

Maintaining peace between cultures and nations mainly depends on mutual trade and dense networks between individual scientists and experts - successfully proven by the European Union. We therefore strive to cultivate both. As a international research hub CDA will provide studies and analyses based on data collected in close cooperation with Chinese and international partners. Secondly CDA will contribute to the set-up and implementation of business projects on the Eurasian continent and beyond.


CDA's research and projects are performed against the backdrop of an ongoing and dynamic global change. Driven by six major transformations this change process will affect our individual lives and the way we are doing business on a national and a global scale in the coming decades. Following a time of severe perturbation these transformations will finally lead to newly balanced systems with regard to earth's climate, demography, geo-economics and  governance regimes. Digital transformation on the ground and in space as well as the rise of bio-science act as additional change agents. Innovation in technology, services and society will be driven by these fundamental changes.


Vienna (Austria) in many respects considered to be one of the most liveable metropolises in the world - also hosting the United Nations - provides CDA's homebase. With our global head-office located in Palais Lieben-Auspitz CDA cultivates bridge building at a genius loci known for intellectual discourse in younger Austrian history: during the beginning of the 20th century the famous Austro-Jewish salonnière Bertha Zuckerkandl held her literary salons in this house at Oppolzergasse 6. Today the Palais is also home of famous Café Landtmann - a meeting place of decision makers and intellectuals in Vienna.

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