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Empowering our global community of destiny and learning

Planetary Patriotism

Bridging gaps in intercultural communication is not complicated in the end. It just starts with two people working together. Building a trustful relationship over time calls for curiosity, appreciation, patience and dialogue. This is true for all walks of life. No matter wether we seek for partnership and collaboration in global science, trade, culture or governance.

Distance to otherness can be overcome by knowledge and insight. These are essential for building trustful and prosperous intercultural relations. Nevertheless this otherness keeps being a challenge on individual and societal level.

The current and ongoing global transformation processes and rebalancing of ecosystems, societies and geoeconomics calls for a novel capacity to deal with otherness. On the other hand it calls for combining expertise and vast bodies of knowledge from different fields. Only a systemic approach like this will boost the learning curve of mankind.

Being aware of these challenges and complexities CDA adopts a collaborative approach just from the beginning. By building trustful and effective working relationships with partners from diverse fields in science and practice in China, Europe and beyond CDA provides a multilateral platform for fruitful dialogue.

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