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Cultivating evidence-based action

Chance favors the prepared mind

After a century of two desatrous world wars and military spending going beyond imagination mankind has come of age. With a twentieth century also boasting novel ideas, innovation, the historically longest time of peace in Europe and providing many countries all over the world with a time of prosperity and wellbeing of an ever growing number of people we have entered the 21st century.

But there is a legacy and a challenge coming with it – maybe the largest mankind ever faced: for the sake of the planet and our children a deliberate change and transformation of our style of life, our (geo)economic system and our government structures have to be performed within our lifetime. This herculanean task can only be accomplished together. It is time to leave behind the old patterns of “we against them”. Capitalizing on the largest realm of scientific knowledge in human history as well as an unprecedented system of global communication with digitally available information and data we have to act now.

CDA is dedicated to address these challenges, opportunities and the need for an evolutionary transformation of societies and economy. Bringing together the most eminent scholars and experts from Europe (the “West”) and China (the “Far East”) our networks, exchange of knowledge, analysis and perspectives strive to contribute to what has to be done now.

Ex Sapientia Lux!

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