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CDA welcomes Prof. Alessandra Vecchi from University of Ferrara as Corresponding Researcher

Vienna/Ferrara, 11 August 2022 - 15:00 CET

Understanding innovation ecosystems and the ingredients for successful development of national innovation systems (NIS) calls for an interdisciplinary and systemic approach. When comparing the NIS of P.R. China with its Western counterparts in Europe and the United States the role of creative power as a decisive element of indigenous innovation capacity is of specific interest. To explore creativity and its interplay with technological development and investments a broad scientific scope is necessary. The Italian researcher Prof. Alessandra Vecchi will add this peculiar knowledge to CDA’s evidence-based approach. With her research in economics, high-technology and creative industries she continues to follow an interdisciplinary perspective after having moved from University of Bologna to University of Ferrara in July 2022.

Alessandra Vecchi is now an Associate Professor in the newly established interdisciplinary Department of Environment and Prevention Sciences at the University of Ferrara in Italy. Before that she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management at the University of Bologna, the world’s oldest university. She has gained her PhD from the University of Bath and has a significant track of high-profile publications. Her research interests tend to be of multidisciplinary nature in the field of International Business and rather eclectic. She is author of eight books – ‘The Viability of Industrial Districts’ (2006) and ‘The Business of Space – The Next Frontier of International Competition’ (2011), ‘Research Handbook on Global Fashion Management & Merchandising’ (2016), ‘Manufacturing in Time of Great Flux’ (2016) , ‘Advanced Fashion Technology and Operations Management’ (2017), ‘Reshoring of Manufacturing - Drivers, Opportunities, and Challenges’ (2017), ‘Above and Beyond: Exploring the Business of Space’ (2018) and ‘Chinese Acquisitions in Developed Countries - Operational Challenges and Opportunities’ (2019).


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