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CDA starts its ‘Recent Books on China’ series authored by CDA-affiliated distinguished scholars

Vienna/Beijing, 9 September 2022 - 12:00 CET/18:00 CST

Whoever took a bullet-train from the South of China to Beijing or lived for a while in China got an impression how well organised the country is. It is obvious that such a level of organisation in terms of economy and policies would be impossible without a sound and extensive national (statistical) database available for Chinese decision makers on all levels. Consequently it is one of CDA’s goals to introduce analysis and literature based on original Chinese data from leading Chinese and European scholars into the discourse in Europe and the West. We start our novel series ‘Recent Books on China’ with a new book of Prof. Liu Xielin (University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), one of China’s leading innovation experts. Prof. Liu is also a Member of CDA’s international Scientific Advisory Board. In his new book he explores the question how Chinese SOEs can create radical innovation.

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