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CDA starts Cooperation with most prestigious University in China

Vienna/Beijing, 25 July 2022 - 9:00 CET / 15:00 CST

CDA President Alexander G. Welzl and Prof. Hong Yongmiao, Dean of School of Economics and Management (SEM) of University of Chinese Academy of Sciences (UCAS), signed a bilateral cooperation agreement between CDA and UCAS. This event marked the start of a long-lasting collaboration between CDA and one of the leading academic institutions in China. UCAS is administered and managed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Being the largest graduate educational institution in China UCAS is also closely linked to CAS in research and teaching with a lot of scholars affiliated as members to the CAS. This collaboration is another important corner stone for CDA’s rationale to support an upcoming era of evidence-based mutual learning between Europe (the West) and China for the sake of a peaceful global development and joint problem-solving.

Signing the CDA-UCAS Memorandum of Understanding both parties have agreed to join forces to strengthen the outreach and impact of systemic and systematic analysis of bilateral (multilateral) Sino-European economic and scientific activities and contribute to a peaceful, evidence-based perspective in European and Chinese governance institutions and on the level of corporate decision makers, scholars and students. In the coming years both research institutions will collaborate in research, teaching, international and multilateral project implementation as well as joint endeavours in the field of start-up and venture financing in the high-technology sector. This includes promoting academic exchange and cooperation for scientific research, sharing leading-edge innovative contents and objectives in social sciences, exchanging experiences related to educational and didactic systems in areas of common interest and participating reciprocally in national and international academic events like conferences, symposia, seminars and experts-meetings. Both partners further strive to enhance the individual mobility of European and Chinese professors, researchers, students and administrative staff for the benefit of international teaching, study and the exchange of know-how and best practices. Furthermore CDA and UCAS join forces to strengthen the internationalization processes related to teaching, research and the third mission by fostering active scientific and educational cooperation, also by sharing scientific resources and academic projects of particular complexity and interest as well as supporting (metropolitan) innovation ecosystems, including start-up and venture management of science-based corporations in China, Europe and beyond.


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