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Henry T. Tillman

Corresponding Expert, London/UK

Henry Tillman has over 35 years experience as an international banker, based mostly from London. He had prior senior Executive Management roles at BZW (London) and at ABN Amro (Wholesale ExCo Board) where he had global roles with a focus on Asia and since 1996, particularly on China.  Mr Tillman was also a Non-Executive Director at Wells Fargo International (UK/EU) as well as a member of the Risk and Audit Committees.

In 2003, he founded Grisons Peak LLP, which advised on over $25 billion completed transactions before announcing its closing in 2018. Since then, he has focussed on consultancy within Grisons Peak Services Ltd, driven from a bespoke database on Chinese outbound investment, which he built in 2008, which has grown to  become globally recognised for its reconciled data on China, and in particular on the BRI.

Relative to the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), Mr Tillman is a member of the International Advisory Committee of the Fudan Institute of Belt & Road Governance, has published research papers  twice on the BRI with the Shanghai Institute of International Studies (SIIS), has lectured on the BRI at a number of universities including Cambridge, LSE, University of Edinburgh, Schwarzman Scholars , Fudan University, Tsinghua University, is a keynote speaker on the Polar Silk Road for the Arctic Assembly, is the 48 Group Club  BRI expert and sole external advisor to Refinitiv on its global BRI project .

Grisons Peak Services Ltd

Nuffield House, 2nd Floor,41-46 Piccadilly,

London W1J 0DS United Kingdom


China Outbound Investments

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