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CDA starts cooperation with University of Macerata in Italy

February 2021


In February 2021 Prof. Francesco Adornato, Rector of University of Macerata (UniMC), and Alexander G. Welzl, President of CDA, signed a Memorandum of Understanding. CDA and UniMC join forces in the systemic and systematic analysis of China and the Sino-European (economic) relations. Building on a legacy of four centuries of exchange between European and Chinese scholars Macerata has an outstanding historic heritage: in 1601 Macerata-born Jesuit and scholar Matteo Ricci was the first European to enter the Forbidden City in the Chinese capital of Beijing. Even today Macerata is a hot spot of European China-research mainly in economics, business-administration and healthcare. Macerata University’s China Centre and its Director, Vice Rector Prof. Francesca Spigarelli, maintain relationships and conduct joint research projects with a multitude of Chinese, European and international scholars as well as partner-institutions.